Unit 2: Digital Image Project

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Unit 2: Digital Image Project

Introduction to Digital Media, 7361, Fall 2016



For this assignment we were given images to edit, and use them to create a banner and icon for a web page display. The banner was created on the topic of parenting,
and to create it I used Photoshop to combine a background image with two foreground images on top. For both of these images I created a mask over the background;
the image of the child I also adjusted the opacity so it appeared transparent. I added text to the banner as well, with themes that remind viewers of the characteristics
of a family. Finally, I saved the file with maximum image quality and smallest file size.

Download the banner here.


The icon is a cropped portion of the same family image used in the banner. I made the background of this small image transparent by deleting the background
in Photoshop, and then adjusted the color of the image to greyscale. Using the "posterize" tool under image adjustments, I selected three layers to decrease the
colors of the image as requested for the assignment. I chose these three colors because I felt like they blended together from a distance to look like a greyscale
version of the original.

Download the icon here.

2nd Imaging Project

For our second imaging project, I used an image of my great grandma and mother. It is an older black and white image that needed a few touch-ups.
I used the clone stamp tool in Photoshop to touch up the film grain on the black and white image, and then adjusted the brightness and contrast slightly to be
able to see more detail in the white sections of the picture. I placed a more recent image of the family on top, adjusting the opacity slightly, and used the eraser
tool to subtly fade the two images together.

Download the image here.