Below you will find additional digital works I have created for other courses in pursuit of my Master's of Education degree.


I created this GIF to explore digital imaging with flash. I used Photoshop to adjust the colors of one image several times so the ending
result was different for each. This particular work was created using the website, GIPHY. You can see it on the website here.

Art Assignment

This work was inspired by PBS's digital platform and their website called, "The Art Assignment." I created this assignment as a video
introduction to a unit I could potentially teach my students. I used iMovie to combine images of artists and their artworks, as well as images
from a PowerPoint I created to explain the topics of Advocacy & Awareness. I recorded myself using Screencast-o-matic.

Watch it on YouTube here.

Stop Animation

I created this video while exploring the art of stop motion animation. I used Lego Movie Maker on my iPad to take the pictures that I later
stitched together to form an animation. This application allowed me to see overlays of the image photographed previously in order to adjust
my figures appropriately for smooth animation.

Watch it on YouTube here.