Web Portfolio of Kristin Gantz

Kristin Gantz's Web Portfolio

Introduction to Digital Media, 7361, Fall 2016


Hello, and welcome to my web portfolio!

On this site you will find documentation of my progressing digital media skills that I've acquired in the Introdcution to Digital
Media course this fall. I'm excited to share all the useful information I've learned in this course. Please browse through the pages
to see samples of my video, audio, and photo editing projects.

Each page contains files of my work, as well as a brief description of how I created them. All of the required projects were
created on a 21" iMac running iOS version 10.8.5 with 8GB Ram. There are a couple projects on the
"Additional Work" page that were created with a 16 GB iPad 2 running iOS 9.0. Enjoy!